Suspicious Inflated Water Bill Clues Homeowner in to Water Line Leak

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Customer Testimonials, Education, NLC SLWP, North Carolina, Water Solutions

Ronald P. of Cornelius, North Carolina had the shock of the century upon opening his quarterly water bill in early July. The number he’d typically expect to see was nearly quadrupled. After reading over a few times to make sure he saw his balance correctly, Ronald immediately suspected a water line leak could be the culprit.

He took a walk outside and sure enough, saw a puddle he hadn’t noticed before on his front lawn near the curb.

“The second I saw that water I said to myself, ‘oh boy, we’ve got a problem.’” Ronald recalled. “It was hard to say how long the leak had been going on, but according to my inflated water bill, it definitely got a head start.”

After the shock wore off, Ronald picked up the phone and called HomeServe. He made the decision to enroll in a water line coverage plan a few years back after receiving information from his utility in the mail.

“You just never know with these things, so I figured, why not?” Ronald said. “It’s not just about being covered financially – it’s knowing that if something goes wrong, it’ll be taken care of logistically, too.”

And taken care of he was. After getting in touch with one of HomeServe’s repair specialists, a local and reliable network contractor, Holloway Plumbing, was dispatched to Ronald’s house to take a look.

When they made it to Ronald’s home, it wasn’t long before the technician located a sizable leak in his water line. Five feet of the line was replaced, and before Ronald knew it, things were operating as normal – and he saved a cool $1,100 in the process.

When Holloway arrived at my home, it was clear that I was dealing with professionals.” Ronald told us. “They quickly solved the leak and even cleaned up after themselves, too.”

Homeowners like Ronald can take solace in knowing that while owning a home can come with unexpected situations, HomeServe will be there to take care of the coordination and financial burden of covered repairs.

“I’m grateful to be a HomeServe customer,” said Ronald. “This was the first time that I ever had to take advantage of the plan, and now I know for next time, I’ll be all set.”

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