Residential Infrastructure Day on May 20th is a day to highlight infrastructure’s “last mile.” It’s the electric, sewer, water, and cable lines that connect homes to utility systems, and household heating, cooling, and water heating equipment critical to everyday life. At HomeServe, residential infrastructure is our singular focus. It’s our DNA. In partnership with over 1,300 municipalities, utilities and cooperatives, we help over 4.8 million households to keep the water running, the lights on, the temperatures comfortable and the crucial systems running safely and efficiently.

The HomeServe protection plan solution educates homeowners about their responsibility for residential infrastructure and offers optional repair plans for a range of residential lines and systems. Through our award-winning contact center, which answers 3.7 million calls per year, and our network of over 2,600 local licensed contractors across North America, we perform a job for one of our customers every 34 seconds. In the last five years, this has translated into significant residential infrastructure support including:

  • Replacement of over 2,400 residential lead water lines – at an average of 30 feet, that’s over 14 miles of pipe.
  • Repair or replacement of over 27,000 exterior electric cables which, at an average of 25 feet, translates into over 131 miles of cable.
  • 229,000 exterior water lines repaired or replaced, saving over 3.4 billion gallons of water.
  • Additionally, since our founding in 2003, we have saved our customers over $2 billion in repair costs.

Equity is an important focus of Residential Infrastructure Day, as disadvantaged communities across the United States face disproportionately higher utility burdens, and it’s also an important focus for HomeServe. Our solutions help low- and moderate-income homeowners to maintain safety and comfort in their homes, as affordable protection plans that represent a predictable component of their monthly budget can protect against major unexpected repair expenses. Additionally, our partners can choose to dedicate a portion of the revenue generated by the plans to either offset the cost of service plans for low-income homeowners or create a fund to assist with repairs. HomeServe partners and the communities they serve also gain immediate access to the HomeServe Cares Foundation, which provides pro-bono repairs for low-income homeowners. In the last five years we have contributed over $580,000 in pro bono jobs to disadvantaged homeowners.

We want to thank our partners for allowing us to support your customers in their homes and invite utilities, municipalities, and service providers to tell your story and celebrate your role in delivering and supporting residential infrastructure.

Learn more about #ResidentialInfrastructureDay.

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