Water Leak Solution

The ServLine by HomeServe leak protection program protects the customer from an excessive water bill, and the provider from the bad debt and lost revenue associated with non-payment of excess water bills. The solution addresses all water leak-related customer service functions, reducing calls to the provider, allowing personnel to focus on core responsibilities. Optional plans to repair/replace leaking service lines are also offered to complete the solution for customers. Offering this solution has been shown to increase customer satisfaction with the provider by 70%.


Water Loss Resources

Lead Lines, Water Loss and Leak Administration… Oh My!

ServLine Webinar presented by the NRWA and HomeServe

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Partner Testimonials

ServLine Partner Testimonial- Hixson Utility- Benefits of ServLine

ServLine Partner Testimonial- Hixson Utility – Customer Service

ServLine Partner Testimonial- Hixson Utility – Bad Debt

Customer Story

Blistering Texas Heat Splits Arlington Woman’s Water Line

Ronald P. of Cornelius, North Carolina had the shock of the century upon opening his quarterly water bill in early July. The number he’d typically expect to see was nearly quadrupled. After reading over a few times to make sure he saw his balance correctly, Ronald immediately suspected a water line leak could be the culprit.

He took a walk outside and sure enough, saw a puddle he hadn’t noticed before on his front lawn near the curb.

“The second I saw that water I said to myself, ‘oh boy, we’ve got a problem.’” Ronald recalled. “It was hard to say how long the leak had been going on, but according to my inflated water bill, it definitely got a head start.”


Program Development

Anchored by a team that has extensive experience in the insurance and consumer services industries, HomeServe’s program development follows a process that recognizes customer needs, capitalizes on our underwriting depth and knowledge, and marries those needs with our marketing and operational capabilities. This ensures that we are creating comprehensive offerings for our customers, with the optimal balance of coverage and price. This leads to high participation rates and a generous revenue share for our utility partners.

Public Awareness Generation

Prior to launching a home protection program, HomeServe deploys a thorough pre-marketing education campaign. This campaign could include public relations and press releases, bill insert messages and information on the utility’s website. HomeServe has an internal public relations department that proactively engages with local constituents to provide material, clarity and responses to city officials, the media and the public. Additionally, we will train the utility’s call center staff to handle calls about the program and forward customers to HomeServe. We also provide scripts with frequently asked questions and answers about the program to use as a reference.

Multi-Channel Education

HomeServe’s in-house staff of over 75 marketing professionals produces multi-channel educational campaigns and customer communication strategies encompassing direct mail, inserts, website and web advertising, inbound and outbound telemarketing, e-mail, public relations, and social media, that yield outstanding customer participation, retention and customer satisfaction. Leveraging the results of hundreds of tests across dozens of utility partners, and through active partner collaboration, the team produces communications that educate consumers, positively reflect partner brands, drive customer participation, and ultimately lead to demonstrably higher levels of customer satisfaction with your utility.

Contractor Management

HomeServe currently manages over 2,600 independent contractor firms across North America. We have the ability to onboard local contractors, including those within your own established network, as relevant. We leverage trade associations and government registries to ensure relevant criteria are met, including MWBE requirements. Contractors must have a BBB rating of A or higher; positive feedback of 90% or better; and the ability to provide 24/7 emergency service while also meeting all stringent compliance requirements, including valid licensing, bonding and insurance; drug screening and background checks, and willingness to sign our contractor agreement that stipulates performance standards, code of conduct and more. HomeServe employs Regional Operations Managers (ROMs) to ensure all work is performed to our high standards and is compliant with all local codes, regulations and permit requirements. Contractor performance is continually tracked and measured to ensure customer satisfaction.

Program Administration

Implementing and managing an effective home protection plan program requires considerable investment, additional technologies and dedicated resources. With HomeServe you and your customers gain access to our best-in-class expertise in every aspect of program management and service delivery—extensive educational marketing resources; order fulfillment and billing infrastructure; award-winning, U.S.-based 640+-seat service center, and a local network of rigorously vetted contractor firms across various trades available to serve your customers. In effect you maintain control over the program with an expert partner—while also receiving program royalty revenue.

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