Residential Infrastructure Day

First Annual Residential Infrastructure Day: May 20, 2024

HomeServe is celebrating a new date on the calendar. Residential Infrastructure Day celebrates the utilities, municipalities and service providers who support the “last mile” of infrastructure. It’s the electric, sewer, water, and cable lines that connect homes to utility systems, and household heating, cooling, and water heating equipment essential for safe, comfortable, and productive daily living.

Residential Infrastructure Day focuses attention on the importance of these facilities and the providers who ensure that all families have equitable access to clean water, comfortable temperatures, efficiency, and communication technology in their homes through education, maintenance and repair solutions, and programs and resources for underserved communities.

May 20, 2024 is the first of what we envision will be annual celebrations, and we encourage all utilities, municipalities and service providers to share their stories and help Residential Infrastructure Day to grow in prominence in the coming years.

Over the Last 5 Years

People Stories

Judy B. of Annandale, Virginia had been living in her home for about 50 years, and knew for a fact that it had been standing long before she moved in. So, it wasn’t exactly a shock when earlier this year, problems with her water line started to arise. Judy has been a customer of HomeServe for years, and with her water line being covered by the exterior water line plan, the couple leaks she experienced were able to be repaired promptly. However, her worry was that it was only a matter of time before another leak sprung from the pipe.

“Both times the contractor came out to my home for a repair, it was a five-star experience,” said Judy. “I could always depend on them to show up when they said they would, fix my problem, and clean up as if it never happened.”

In August of 2023, upon the discovery of another water line leak and at the request of Judy, HomeServe decided to take a look at the condition of the total line. A local and reliable member of the company’s contractor network, Kramer and Sons Plumbing, was dispatched to Judy’s Annandale home. What they found was that parts of the line that hadn’t been repaired were in grave condition due to its age and other environmental factors. Since Judy was enrolled in HomeServe’s exterior water line service plan, the entire 65 feet of the line would be replaced.

“When I learned HomeServe would cover the cost of replacing the full line, I was absolutely elated – there’s no way I could have taken this on financially on my own,” said Judy. “I’ve been worried about the total condition of the line for some time, and now those worries are being washed away.”

Kramer and Sons got to work to repair the line, which ultimately saved Judy over $6,100. In this particular instance, they were able to complete the repair in a single day.

“I’ve been worried about the total condition of the line for some time, and now those worries are being washed away.”

Judy had first heard of HomeServe years ago through Dominion, a longtime utility partner of the company. As a senior citizen living alone, she thought it would be wise to take some worry off her plate by enrolling in several service plans covering various systems in her home. Several years passed as a customer before she needed to take advantage of any of these plans, but when she needed us, we were there.

“It’s hard for me to express how grateful I am for HomeServe; the service I receive time and time again is absolutely wonderful,” Judy said. “Now that my water line is sparkly new, I can leave my home without the worry of a leak springing and do the traveling I’ve been looking to do.”

Mid-June on the East Coast typically marks the beginning of hotter summer weather, and this year it was no different for Kenneth L. of Fort Washington, Maryland. But to his surprise one June morning, his air conditioning stopped blowing cool air out of the blue.

“As homeowners, we all know that these things happen both unexpectedly and often at the worst possible times,” Kenneth said. “I’m retired and home most of the time. So, between the hot weather and residual smoke from the wildfires up in Canada, not having air conditioning at that time would have been dangerous for my health.”

Luckily, Kenneth enrolled in one of HomeServe’s repair plans that includes coverage on home heating and cooling systems. He called up HomeServe’s Operations Center and was promptly connected with a specialist who helped him to coordinate the repair.

“From the first moment of the first call, all of HomeServe’s representatives that I interacted with were extremely courteous, helpful, and maintained empathy for my situation,” said Kenneth. “I felt completely heard by HomeServe, and they went above and beyond to assure that my needs were being met.”

A reliable and local member of HomeServe’s contractor network, Climate Control Systems, was dispatched to Kenneth’s home. Upon inspection, they determined a host of problems with the air conditioning unit, most notably leaks in the coils and a broken air handler. The call was made that it needed to be completely replaced. The job that followed was large, and used up Kenneth’s yearly maximum benefit limit along with some extra out of pocket funds. Soon enough though, his air conditioning was back up and running – just in time for the thick of the summer season.

“I felt completely heard by HomeServe, and they went above and beyond to assure that my needs were being met.”

“Climate Control Systems could not have been more efficient and professional,” Kenneth recalled. “I was so pleased with their service – they completed the job quickly, and even cleaned up after they finished the work.”

This was the first time Kenneth had to take advantage of his repair plan with HomeServe. He initially enrolled in April 2022 after doing some research online. He felt that the potential benefits in a time of need far outweighed the affordable cost of the plan. Now, he says, he knows he made the right call.

“The excellent customer service I received from HomeServe completely exceeded my expectations – and I’m telling you this as I sit in my home enjoying a working air conditioning system,” said Kenneth. “The representatives made me feel valued as a customer, the job was completed promptly, and to top it all off, I saved myself over $1,500. That’s a win, win, win for me.”

Kingwood, Texas, resident George R. thought it would be smart to invest in a generator for his home after some extreme weather in recent years. The installation team planned to use a branch off of the gas fuel line that ran from his house to his pool heater. But when they went to start the installation, both George and the generator company technician smelled gas on the property. After calling his utility and upon a quick investigation, a leak was discovered near the meter.

“Right as the utility technician told me about this leak, I remembered that a couple years ago, I enrolled in a Gas Line Plus repair plan from HomeServe,” said George. “We hadn’t needed to use it until now, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this experience.”

George quickly found out the caliber of service he’d receive. After a quick phone call to HomeServe’s Operations Center, a local and reliable member of HomeServe’s contractor network, Texas Quality Plumbing, made their way to his home.

“I made the phone call and next thing I knew, somebody was at my front door ready to address the potential problem,” George recalled. “I was happy about that, because hearing there is a gas leak on your property from your utility is a scary thing. I was hoping it could be resolved quickly.”

The plumber from Texas Quality Plumbing realized that the needed repair to the gas line was not minor. It turned out that there were multiple leaks and areas of corrosion found along the 150-foot-long line that ran from the meter near the street to his house. And good news for George – the repair would be covered by his repair plan from HomeServe.

“It really couldn’t have been easier for me – I barely lifted a finger,” said George. “Not only did it save me a massive amount of money, but I didn’t have to worry about who to hire for the job, either.”

And a massive savings it was! The repair was completed by the very next day. All in all, the repair saved George $7,000 and a lot of stress right along with it. He first enrolled in the Gas Line Plus repair plan after receiving a few letters in the mail about it. The letters explained the optional plans available to residents, along with reasons to potentially enroll. While George had initially forgotten about the mailings, they resonated with his wife, who continually reminded him to sign up. Just two years after doing so, the savings from this one job will pay for the plan for years to come.

“I’ve been incredibly happy with the experience from start to finish,” said George. “Saving that type of money is welcome any time of year, but right before the holidays made it even better. Thank you, HomeServe!”