Case Study: Wichita, KS

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Case Studies, Customer Testimonials water, Kansas, Water Solutions

Tony R. of Wichita had grown up in his grandparents’ home on Waco Avenue, and he returned to the home that had been in his family since 1942 when it came into his possession ten years ago.

That was when he noticed the plumbing problems: much of the home had low pressure and some parts had no water at all. Hot water was only available from certain faucets. But Tony had another problem: he didn’t have the funds for the extensive repairs.

“The plumbing was done back in the ‘40s, and it’s worn out,” Tony said.

The entire home needed to be re-piped, and the water service line needed to be replaced. Many homeowners are not aware that they are responsible for their water, sewer and electrical service lines. They believe that those service lines are the responsibility of their utility or municipality and are surprised and displeased to find out otherwise.

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