Case Study: Minneapolis, MN

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Itzel Perez Dominguez considered the purchase of a home – her first – carefully. She knew she’d be responsible for the mortgage, homeowners insurance and taxes, and she reviewed her options thoroughly before committing to buying a home in Minneapolis.

Buying a home for her family was the culmination of a dream.

Itzel had been diligent and done everything right – or so she thought. What Itzel didn’t know was that she was now responsible for water and sewer service lines. In Minneapolis, many of those water service lines are lead, and city code requires that the entire water line be replaced, not patched, if there is a problem. In addition, the median year built for homes in the Minneapolis area is 1948, and 70 years later, many service lines are reaching the end of their usable lifespans.

But all of Itzel’s careful consideration and research didn’t tell her that, so when water began bubbling up from beneath the street, her troubles were only beginning.

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