Case Study: Baton Rouge, LA

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Case Study: Baton Rouge, LA

Linda J. of Baton Rouge learned the hard way that all home warranties are NOT created equal. She thought she was covered in the case of an emergency home repair – after all, she had a plumbing policy from a national home warranty company (not the NLC Service Line Warranty Program).

So when Linda started having drainage issues, she called on K&S Plumbing.

The plumber advised her that the problem was much larger than she had anticipated – her entire sewer line had been overtaken by the roots of the huge water oak tree in front of her home, and Louisiana law prohibits the removal of the tree. Tree roots typically seek out the warmth generated by sewage lines, particularly in colder months. To compound Linda’s problem, the sewer line was an old clay tile. K&S Plumbing recommended the entire line be replaced with root-resistant PVC pipes and be re-routed to avoid the tree roots as much as possible. 

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