Rashida B. of Silver Spring, Maryland, is a big believer in being prepared.

“I have insurance for everything,” she said. “You never know when you’re going to need it.”

So, when she became aware of plans that would allow her to protect herself from the cost of emergency home repairs, she signed up without hesitation.

“Once I was told about HomeServe, I immediately got it, because I don’t want to go through the hassle of a repair,” she said. “Some people in my HOA (Homeowners Association) also have it, and the person who is in charge of the landscaping said that HomeServe is very good, better than the competitor.”

HomeServe supplies quick access to a reliable tradesperson and repairs are covered up to the benefit amount, shielding Rashida from the cost of an emergency repair.


Being prepared against any disaster ended up serving Rashida well when her local water and sewer department arrived to learn why so much water was being lost from their system. The department believed the leak was in the water main, given the location, but once they dug down to the line, they realized that was not the case.


“They said the water was just spilling out,” she said. “But they said it was their pipe and they would come and repair it. I waited and when they finally came out, they said it was not their pipe, but mine. It was a lot of water wasted, but it was not registering on my meter, so I didn’t have to pay for it.”

Rashida knew what she needed to do: Call HomeServe. When she did so, she explained her problem to HomeServe’s customer experience agents.

“Each one of them was so understanding, so nice, so cooperative,” she said. “I never got a rude person.”

HomeServe’s customer experience agents connected Rashida with PHI Group, a local, licensed and insured plumber who came to make the repair. That was when it was found that approximately 20 feet of her 40-foot-long water line was in poor condition, not just the section near the water main in the street.

“Luckily, the water and sewer board had already dug (and opened the street), so they didn’t have to do all that digging, but they did have to (trench) up through the grass,” she said.

If Rashida didn’t have a HomeServe policy, the repair would have cost her more than $3,600. Since she had been prepared for a home emergency, she didn’t pay anything. PHI took less than three days to complete the job, and Rashida was impressed with their professionalism.

“The young men were very conscientious, didn’t take long and put everything back where it should be when they were done,” she said. “The job was completed to my satisfaction, and HomeServe did an excellent job of facilitating the work.”

“I am very appreciative of HomeServe’s patience, cooperation and empathy. I genuinely appreciate HomeServe, and I have been recommending their service to friends and family.”

“Repairs are such a headache, but now I sleep like a baby.”

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