South Sioux City Warns Residents About SLWA’s Competitor’s Water Line Insurance Mailing

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South Sioux City warns residents about SLWA’s competitor’s water line insurance mailing
Posted: Tuesday, February 7, 2012 3:15 pm

Area municipal officials are warning residents about mailed notices regarding water line insurance.

South Sioux City Clerk Sue Murray said officials issued the warning after people reported receiving multiple unsolicited offers for the service.

Residents are free to use any company they want, Murray said, but officials want to make it clear the company making the offers, HomeServe, is not affiliated with the city of
South Sioux City or a program it has launched to raise awareness of homeowner responsibility regarding utility lines.

“People need to be aware, and they need to look into it on their own if they’re interested in it,” Murray said. “It’s not anything the city is backing.”

The city recently formed a partnership with the National League of Cities and Service Line Warranties of America to let homeowners know they are responsible for utility line
breaks and leaks from the utility connection to houses.

Sioux City residents also received similar notices from the company, officials said.

— Molly Montag

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