Kelly B. of Gary, Indiana, built her business by making smart choices, and when she received a call from a tenant about a slow drain, she knew that enrolling her rental properties in HomeServe repair plans was another smart decision.

The clay sewer pipe between her property and the Gary Sanitary District’s main sewer line had collapsed. Older homes often have clay sewer pipes, which usually have a lifespan of 50 to 60 years. Unfortunately, the design of pipes is also vulnerable to root intrusion as the roots of nearby trees and shrubs seek out the joints in clay lines and the moisture within. Over time, the roots force their way into the clay sewer lines and either clog the lines or break them.

“I can and have operated a backhoe myself, but the weather was terrible – cold, wet and muddy,” Kelly said, adding that she was glad to have the work handled for her, instead of taking it on herself.

Sewer Line Back-up Poses a Problem

At Kelly’s property, since the sewer line was broken, the line had begun to back up and her tenants could no longer use their bathrooms. Fortunately, all she needed to do was call HomeServe, and AJ the Plumber, a HomeServe network plumber, was dispatched to handle the sewer line repair. Kelly was pleased to see AJ, because she had a long-standing business relationship with the plumber, who she frequently relied on for repairs at her other properties and had introduced her to the services provided by HomeServe.

A Smart Partnership Means Sewer Line Savings

Kelly first became aware of the program, available through the Gary Sanitary District, through a conversation with AJ Brown, owner of AJ the Plumber.

“He’s the plumber I normally use,” she said. “The tenants love him. He always does a great job and I’m happy with his work. He suggested I try (a HomeServe service plan) at another property and talked to me about it for about 15 minutes, explaining all the benefits. The first thing I did was call the city to check it out and they said, yeah, they were recommending it to protect (property owners). So, I looked it up online and signed up. I’m glad they told me about the service because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise. Now that I know about it, I tell my neighbors about it and explain why they should get it.”

Not only was Kelly saved the bother of digging up her sewer line in the rain and muck, but she also saved nearly $3,300 to cover the cost of the repair.

“I am very happy with the service and very happy with the technicians HomeServe sends,” Kelly said. “I’m glad that Gary Sanitary partnered with HomeServe because I never knew this service existed. I think everyone had better get HomeServe before something happens.”

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