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OCTOBER 12TH, 2012
Reported By: Cristina Pfeffer

Casper City workers introduce a new program to homeowners providing low cost warranty protection for sewer lines.

The new sewer program is provided through the national league of cities and service line warranties of America. Common problems in Wyoming come from clay tile piping and roots from trees.

In Casper, citizens are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the entire sewer line, from the house, all the way to the street. The program will cover up to $8,000 for repairs, which will be funded by Service Line Warranties of America.

“We based the price on the residents and the number of houses, age of material of sewer services in the area and we feel like fifty-eight dollars is a fair price for yearly service,” said Zulima Lopez, Utility Supervisor Without a program like this, according to Lopez, a homeowner could be paying
between $3,000 and $12,000 of their own money if a sewer line breaks.

Homeowners will receive a letter in the mail, asking if they would like to sign up for the program. There will also be a 24-hour repair hotline, allowing citizens to ask any questions they may have about their sewer lines.

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