Service Line Warranties of America participates in the City of San Diego Earth Day Event

by | May 14, 2014 | By State, California, HomeServe in the News, Water Solutions

On April 24, Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) participated in San Diego, California’s annual Earth Day event in Civic Center Plaza promoting sustainability, alternative transportation and green living programs and services to employees that are offered by the City and its partners.

“SLWA is committed to helping San Diego residents save thousands on the high cost of water and sewer line repairs,” said Brad Carmichael, Vice President of Business Development. “Our program promotes sound environmental practices through water conservation and ground pollution prevention and we were honored to share our knowledge of green services with the homeowners of San Diego at the event.”

The event featured exhibitors focusing on environmental products, services, recycling activities, an emphasized transit-oriented development and walkability and bikeability, which highlighted San Diego’s new Bikesharing program. As a member of San Diego’s Corporate Partnership program, SLWA exhibited at the event and spoke with homeowners in attendance about water and sewer line warranty protection, as well as the importance of timely repairs to leaks, breaks and clogs to conserve water and prevent ground pollution.

SLWA provides water and sewer line warranties to homeowners in San Diego. The low cost protection offers repair coverage in the event of leaks, breaks or clogs on external lines from the point of utility connection to the home. SLWA’s Earth Day exhibit allowed attendees to see and touch real pieces of water and sewer pipes, provided by one of our network contractors in San Diego. The goal was to educate homeowners about the structure of their service lines and illustrate how they may fail. Visitors to the booth were also first to know of SLWA’s addition of the Water Line Warranty program to complement the existing Sewer Line Warranty program. Homeowners will receive mailings about this program in the coming weeks.

“To date, SLWA has delivered a superior program for homeowners in San Diego,” said Natasha Collura, Director of Corporate Partnerships and Development. “The City fully supports the program. Participation is voluntary, but we encourage residents to use this opportunity to educate themselves on the integrity of their service lines and if there is a need to protect their budgets from the high cost of repairs to broken lines. “



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