Service Line Repair Program offered to residents

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Service Line Repair Program offered to residents
Updated: Thursday, August 16, 2012

An affordable Service Line Warranty Program that provides a home protection solution which could help residents save thousands of dollars on the high cost of repairing broken or leaking water or sewer service lines is coming to the Park. The National League of Cities (NLC) Service Line Warranty Program, administered by Utility Service Partners, Inc. (USP), is a home protection solution for residents arranged by NLC Enterprise Programs. Homeowners in participating cities are eligible to purchase lowcost
warranties, which provides for cleaning, repairs, or replacement of broken or leaking water and sewer service lines of up to $4,000, or more, per occurrence. Typically, service line repairs range in the several thousands of dollars and can create significant financial hardships for an unprepared homeowner. This warranty program is designed to transfer the risk of these costly repairs. Approximate homeowner costs will likely range from $6 to $9 per line per month – specific rates are determined for each city’s particular situation based on local infrastructure and policies.

The NLC Service Line Warranty Program provides residents a warranty for a service line cleaning, repair, or replacement for monthly fee, with no deductibles or service fees. This work is performed by licensed, local contractors who are to return customer calls within one hour of a claim being filed. USP provides a personally staffed 24/7 hotline for residents, 365
days a year.

This program is in the final stage of being offered to all cities in the 48 contiguous states with completion expected in 2012. Currently, only residential properties with non-shared (single) service lines are eligible to participate in this program.
The City of St. Louis Park is finalizing details on its participation in the program, so look for more information soon or call (952) 924-2555 with questions.

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