When Eugene S. of North Little Rock, Arkansas, got a letter from the city in 2019, he didn’t immediately expect anything out of the ordinary. That is until he opened it and saw that they were advising him to check for a leak in his water line based on a few elevated bills over the previous months. Now that Eugene was thinking of it, his last couple of water bills did seem a bit high.

Upon investigating his property, he found a spot in his backyard that was saturated with water. Immediately, headed to the phone, as he previously enrolled himself in a plan through the NLC Service Line Warranty Program, a part of HomeServe, to protect himself from water line repairs. Jax Services, a contractor local to Eugene, was dispatched to the scene. Soon, it was determined that there was a pinhole sized leak in the line. They quickly repaired it and went on their way.

After the initial repair of the tiny leak, the problems unfortunately persisted. So, in April 2022 the call was made to replace a significant portion of the water line entirely. Had Eugene not been covered by his NLC Service Line plan, that job would have cost him $6,400 alone.

“I cannot explain the relief I felt when I saw what a new water line would cost and knew that I wouldn’t have to pay a dime of it,” said Eugene. “Being retired, that would have put a huge dent into my savings. It was an incredible help to me and my family, beyond my wildest dreams.”

Eugene first enrolled in a HomeServe plan, which was offered to him through North Little Rock and the National League of City’s Service Line Warranty Program, to cover his water line in 2017 after he received a mailing at his home. He knew his home was old and figured it couldn’t be a bad idea for such a low cost per month. Plus, it wasn’t long before he had to rely on it to cover the costs of his exterior water service line repairs.

“All I can say is thank goodness for HomeServe,” said Eugene. “I couldn’t recommend the service enough. Although I will admit I was leery at first, it turned out to be an absolutely tremendous investment for me.”

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