NLC Service Line Warranty Program and Orem, Utah, Celebrate Service Milestone

by | May 3, 2022 | By State, HomeServe Cares, HomeServe in the News, Public-Private Partnerships, Utah, Water Solutions

What a week it’s been – and it’s only Wednesday! This week, I had the pleasure of joining my colleague Steve Bieranowski in the City of Orem, Utah to meet with our partners. Together, we celebrated an amazing milestone we reached together: $1 million in home repair savings for their homeowners. Over the course of our five-year partnership, more than 3,200 Orem residents have signed up for at least one of our SLWA plans. Over the course of the partnership, SLWA has donated $5,000 a year to the local Community Action Service’s utility relief program that financially helps those who fall behind on their utility bills. And while Steve and I were in Orem, we got to make our “big check” donation of $2,500 in support of Orem’s Summerfest 2022. Here’s hoping everyone in Orem has a blast at their annual community BBQ.

Local news outlet The Daily Herald even shared the news! Check it out!


Dennis Lyon, Regional Account Director

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