Municipal Officials Discuss Using Logo in eBook

by | May 5, 2020 | Education, Infrastructure, Use of Logo, Water Solutions

We all know that our infrastructure is aging, including the water and sewer service line connecting a resident’s home to your community’s main line. When, not if, those lines fail, homeowners will be on the hook for thousands of dollars in repair fees. Unfortunately, residents may not realize their responsibility for their private-side service lines until the information is delivered by someone in your water or sanitation department.

That’s why more than 650 municipalities across North America have chosen to educate their members through the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program by HomeServe. The Program distributes, via direct mail and other channels, educational materials that are approved by the municipality. This information alerts homeowners to their service line responsibilities and offers an optional and affordable emergency home repair plan for interested homeowners.

Why partner with municipalities? Along with consistent messaging, a partnership demonstrates to your community that you have vetted this program and it is legitimate. This is the only program of its kind to be endorsed by the National League of Cities and multiple state municipal leagues, all so municipalities and residents can be assured that we stand by our word.

That’s why it’s important for municipalities to lend your logo as a stamp of approval – it lets your residents know the program has been reviewed, researched and found reputable by you and your fellow council members. Download our eBook and learn why city officials across the country believe the use of their logos is key to widespread adoption of this important protection by homeowners.

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