Midland Considers Sewer Damage Insurance Program 3/20/12

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Midland Considers Sewer Damage Insurance Program 3/20/12
Shelley Childers
CBS 7 News
March 20, 2012
Press Release

MIDLAND, TX – Recognizing that repairs to water and sewer service lines are almost always sudden and require an unexpected expense to the property owner, the Midland City
Council recently passed a resolution directing staff to explore the National League of Cities (NLC) Service Line Warranty Program, administered by Utility Service Partners, Inc. (USP).

This program provides optional insurance to the property owner for their water and sewer service lines, and requires service-line repairs be performed by licensed, local Midland plumbers registered within the City of Midland.

Recently city staff became aware that another insurance company, American Water, has been mailing insurance applications to city utility customers. City officials are not aware of the program offered by American Water and does not endorse its program. In spring 2012, city officials will be working with Utility Service Partners, Inc. to provide information to utility customers on the NLC Service Line Warranty Program via official mailers produced by USP and City of Midland staff, with the city logo.

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