HomeServe Plan Helps Avoid a Sewer Line Headache

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Guillermo L. of Savannah, Georgia is no stranger to plumbing issues. In fact, during his career as a water meter mechanic for the city of Savannah, he’d come across nearly every homeowner nightmare imaginable related to plumbing systems, sewer and water lines. So when he realized his kitchen sink was backing up, he feared the worst in terms of what the root cause could be.

At first, Guillermo was told it might be the garbage disposal that was malfunctioning, so he called his appliance company to come and take a look. That company sent somebody out who confirmed it was due to a problem with his drainage pipe or line, not the disposal. Luckily, in 2020, Guillermo enrolled in three repair plans through Savannah’s program with Service Line Warranties of America, a HomeServe company, that covered his exterior sewer line, exterior water line, and interior plumbing and drainage. He knew that no matter was the issue was determined to be, it would be likely the repair would be covered.

After giving us a call, we promptly dispatched Priority Plumbing and Electrical, a member of our local and reliable network of contractors. The technician ran a snake followed by a camera down the drain and quickly realized the problem was a lot more serious than it seemed; the sewer line had a break between his home and the property line, and the rest of the line was severely clogged.

“Had you not been in the picture, the anguish of the experience would have been quadrupled for me and my family.”

“It’s always a headache for a homeowner to hear that a repair of this nature is needed, but I’ve learned that it doesn’t have to be a financial one,” said Guillermo. “I knew HomeServe would have me covered in that way, and that is exactly what happened. I went from frustrated about the issue to extremely happy.”

Priority Plumbing broke through part of the kitchen floor and the front lawn to access and replace the section of the line that was broken without causing additional damage to the home. Once that was repaired, they thoroughly cleaned out the remainder of the line. The total cost of the job was just under $4,000 – a number that Guillermo could not stomach the thought of being responsible for. However, 100% of the cost was covered under his service plan.

“Had you not been in the picture, the anguish of the experience would have been quadrupled for me and my family,” Guillermo said. “And had I not worked for the city, I never would have known to sign up.”

Guillermo was initially exposed to Service Line Warranties and HomeServe through his job – his work as a water meter mechanic for the city of Savannah is how he learned about our optional service plans available to city residents. He saw every homeowner disaster in the book, so when he got the city letter in the mail from Service Line Warranties combined with musings at work about the offerings, he knew it was the right choice to sign up.

And right he was. Now retired, Guillermo wouldn’t have had the savings to cover an unexpected cost like this.

“I can’t explain how thankful I am that I had you guys on my side for this experience – you really had my back,” Guillermo told us. “The service was exceptional all along, and I knew at the end of the day, my problem would be fixed. I continue to refer my neighbors because everybody deserves this peace of mind. If you are considering a HomeServe plan, learn from my experience: it’s worth it – without a doubt.”

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