HomeServe Launches Diversity and Inclusion Business Resource Groups

by | Sep 15, 2021 | ServLine, Water Solutions

In an effort to involve our employees in helping to shape HomeServe’s culture of inclusion, HomeServe launched Business Resource Groups (BRGs) in 2020. The BRGs provide a way for ALL employees to be part of HomeServe’s vision for Diversity & Inclusion.

BRGs have been formed for:

  • African American/Black
  • Latino Hispanic
  • LGBTQ and Allies
  • Women

The BRGs plan a range of programs and activities to build cultural awareness and agility at HomeServe; advise HomeServe leadership on matters that matter to the community; support the leadership development of members; and in general, enhance their work experience. The BRGs have run programs around Women’s Equality Day and Juneteenth and, in October, the LGBTQ and Allies BRG is planning activities around October History & National Coming Out Day.

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