Grace Power Heads to Private Sector as Regulatory Affairs Vice President

by | Jul 2, 2020 | By State, HomeServe in the News, New Jersey, Water Solutions

Published by Insider New Jersey

BPU Chief of Staff Grace Power is departing the Murphy Administration to join HomeServe USA as Regulatory Affairs Vice President to lead the company’s nationwide regulatory strategy. HomeServe USA is an independent provider of home repair service solutions that partners with utilities, municipalities, and directly with consumers.

The Board of Public Utilities has distinguished itself within the Murphy Administration under the leadership of President Joseph Fiordaliso. At the helm of the senior leadership team, Power chaired the 2019 New Jersey Energy Master Plan Committee and oversight of key gubernatorial initiatives, including the single-largest offshore wind project award in the country and the state’s first community solar pilot program.

Power has won praise from across industry sectors for her role in transforming the agency, and for recruiting a respected team. With Fiordaliso’s backing, Power delivered on her long-standing advocacy for women’s empowerment, hiring and advancing women in senior leadership positions across the agency in an industry where women are underrepresented.

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