Citizens To Have Option To Purchase Sewer, Water Line Warranties

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Citizens to have option to purchase sewer, water line warranties
By Julie Clements
Posted Feb 08, 2012 @ 03:00 PM

Residents of El Dorado will have the opportunity to purchase a warranty for their sewer and water lines through an agreement with Utility Service Partners.

The El Dorado City Commission approved signing an agreement to endorse the company after learning more about it during their meeting Monday evening. They had first heard about the program a few months ago, but wanted more information before making a decision.

“The more I learn about this program, the more excited I am about it, and I was pretty skeptical going into it,” said Kurt Bookout, public utilities director.

The National League of Cities Service Line and Warranty Program provides an optional warranty program for homeowners.

In his research, Bookout talked to several other cities in the state and outside of Kansas who have taken part in the program. This provides an optional warranty program for homeowners for $4 to $6 a month for each line.

Bookout said of all of the cities they talked to there was only one complaint from a homeowner but such a situation happening in El Dorado was resolved.

Steve Larue, with Professional Plumbing, also looked into the program and gave his support.

“It sounds to me like signing up for this will help basically the citizens of El Dorado plus the local contractors,” he said. “Sewer systems and water systems are not cheap to have to replace, especially when it involves a street cut. A lot of individuals in town cannot afford a cost like that.”

The commission approved signing an agreement to endorse the company. That endorsement would be on the letters the company sends out to the citizens.

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