Blistering Texas Heat Splits Arlington Woman’s Water Line

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Customer Testimonials water, NLC SLWP, Service Line Responsibilities, Texas, Water Solutions

Cynthia C. of Arlington, Texas has always felt a sense of community on her street, and one recent August evening proved no different. Her neighbor reached out to let Cynthia know that there was water bubbling up from her front lawn. Upon a quick look herself, she confirmed the eyesore but didn’t panic. That’s because she was a customer of Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) and had coverage for water service line repairs.

Cynthia contacted SLWA’s operations center, where she was connected with a repair coordinator that helped her get the repair rolling.

“When I called and explained the problem, the agent on the line was very professional,” Cynthia told us. “They were really on the ball and took care of everything for me.”

Crawford Services, a reliable and local member of SLWA’s contractor network was dispatched to Cynthia’s home that very day. The technician assigned to the job, Ricky, dug into the ground at the location of the leak and revealed the home’s water line was completely split down the middle length wise. The suspected cause was the line’s age and material combined with the ongoing heatwave that Arlington had been experiencing. Crawford ended up replacing 40 feet of Cynthia’s water line, saving her from paying over $2,300 for the repair.

“I can’t express just how frustrating having a leak is, but having a company like yours made it so easy to get the problem handled without any cost to me for the repair,” Cynthia said. “As far as major home repairs go, this is by far the best experience I have ever had.”

Cynthia first enrolled her home water and sewer lines in SLWA’s plans earlier this year. She noticed the optional plans offered by SLWA through the City of Arlington, and figured now that she lived on her own, it couldn’t hurt to have the extra coverage. She never would have imagined she’d have to use one of the plans so soon, but is grateful to have saved the headache of coordinating the repair along with the thousands in repair costs.

“Since this situation took place, I’ve referred my brother and even my doctor as customers – I literally gloat about SLWA to everybody that I know,” Cynthia said. “There is no way I could be any happier with the services I received, I would give it three thumbs up, but I only have two hands. I will never let SLWA go.”

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