Amazing Cities Presents Councilor Jack Henderson With The 2014 Vision Award

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Tulsa, Oklahoma—Amazing Cities founder and National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program advisor, James Hunt, presented Tulsa Councilor Jack Henderson with the 2014 Vision Award on September 18, 2014.

“Mr. Henderson embodies the skills and leadership necessary to take Tulsa to the next level,” said Hunt. “Through his vision, Mr. Henderson has created numerous improvements both physically and operationally for the city to function better for residents. Additionally, bringing programs like the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program is just one of many enhancements to the community he’s helped realize.”

The 2014 Vision Award represents Henderson’s extraordinary efforts in providing solutions for the residents of Tulsa through innovative programs such as the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program. He has inspired the continued growth of Tulsa, championing advancements such as changing Tulsa’s commission form of government to the Mayor-City Council structure enacted in 1990.

“This award is a touching and humbling achievement in my career,” said Henderson. “While the work I do is for the greater good of the community, it’s an honor to be recognized for leadership and innovation in our community on a national level.”

Henderson is a retired AT&T worker after 47 years and currently serving his fourth term as District One, Tulsa City Councilor. Working closely with Housing and Urban Development Projects, such as the Northside YMCA and the city’s policy oversight committee for Community Development Block Grant Funding, Henderson is a strong leader in the community, participating in numerous organizations, including the National Association for Advancement of Colored People, 100 Black Men of America and the National League of Cities.

About Amazing Cities—Amazing Cities is dedicated to creating excellence in municipal government and was founded by James Hunt, a former elected official for 27 years who played a prominent role in advancing the cause of effective local governance at state, national and international levels.

Hunt travels around the nation, speaking, training and writing about leadership development in local government and assisting communities in maximizing their potential. In 2006, American City and County Magazine named Hunt “Municipal Leader of the Year.” In addition to his work with Amazing Cities, Hunt is a current advisor to the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program and frequent speaker at National League of Cities conferences around the nation.


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