No one disputes water is one of our most precious resources and crucial to life. A human being can survive several weeks without food, but for not more than 48 hours without water.

The U.S. uses 322 billion gallons of water each day, with 39 billion gallons processed for drinking and the remainder being used in irrigation and hydroelectric power. The average American uses 80 to 100 gallons of water per day.

We need water – and a lot of it – but the systems that deliver it are crumbling. Aging water infrastructure is a pervasive and growing problem that can affect health and safety, the environment and the financial well-being of citizens, municipalities and utilities.

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How Much Are Water Leaks Costing You and Your Customers?

Aside from wasting a tremendous amount of water, leaking water and sewer lines can result in unexpected high water bills and repair emergencies for which your customers are unprepared. Leaks are also costly to the utility, leading to lost revenue, bad debt and...

Case Study: ServLine Lost Water Product

“Among residential customers, water leaks in their home used to be a real problem for us,” continued Cam, who has been GM at Kingsbury General Improvement District of Stateline, Nevada (KGID) since 2008. “It wasn’t so much the financial cost to us because of the way...

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