iStock_000004509240Medium Building private label ptrners slideWelcome to the spring campaign. Whether your city is a new or older partner, we’d like to provide you with some information to maximize homeowner participation.
The Service Line Warranty Program, (formerly known as Utility Service Partners, Inc. or USP) has numerous resources at your disposal to help make your campaign a success, from press release samples to web banners. Your Regional Account Manager and Business Development Specialist contacts can provide these to you upon request.
If your city is using social media, our partner and customer social media accounts have a wealth of information that you are welcome to share on your city’s web pages, blogs and newsletters. Be sure to like and follow the SLWP, SLWA and SLWC accounts for up-to-date information, homeowner tips and tricks and industry news.




If you have a city newsletter or blog, consider publishing an article announcing or reminding residents about the program and its benefits. Need some content? Our marketing team is happy to help you prepare ready-to-publish, city-specific material. Contact us or your Regional Account Manager or your Business Development Specialist today to request information.
Our team is happy to help your city make this campaign the best one ever. If you have any questions or need information or assistance – just contact us and we’ll do the rest.
Thank you for being a valued partner of the Service Line Warranty Program. We look forward to serving your homeowners this year!

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