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by | Jul 1, 2015 | Education, Water Solutions

Social Media

As a valued partner of the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty program, you have access to numerous resources to help communicate information about the program, as well as homeowner tips and tricks, to your residents.
Social Media and Blogs

  • SLWA publishes a weekly blog highlighting homeowner tips and tricks, important industry news and relevant information about topics such as water conservation, detecting a leak and much more at
  • Information and additional links are also posted daily on our social media pages at and As you craft your
    own social media posts, feel free to share this information with your residents.
  • You can also tag our consumer brand page so your homeowners can learn more about
    the program.

Web Banners & Press Releases
During our regular campaigns, web banners and press releases about the program are available upon request.
Partner Reporting
Don’t forget that access to program statistics is just a click away! Access your reports through the partner portal found on our contact page.
Request Content
Have a request or need more information? Visit our contact page.

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