Daisy H. of Dallas was part of the fabric of her neighborhood – she knew and was known by her neighbors. So, when she became disabled, she wanted to remain in her own familiar home and neighborhood.

However, as a disabled senior, she was on a fixed income and upkeep of her home became more difficult. Daisy applied for home repair assistance programs for years, but was turned down and she worried about possible consequences of not having the repairs done.

“When I was working and able, I tried to keep everything fixed,” Daisy said. “After I became disabled I did not have the money to address the issues.”

Finally, in December, the Regional Black Contractors Association and Dallas District 8 Councilman Tennell Atkins partnered to do some much-needed work around the home, including foundation repairs, but Daisy knew that more work needed to be done.

Tennell Atkins, Dallas Councilman, discusses the Service Line Program.“We have to find a way to bring in all types of resources,” the councilman said. “We need more tools in the toolbox to help a person like [Daisy]. When you have seniors who need help, someone needs to do it. As an elected official, that’s my obligation, that’s my duty.”

Daisy’s sewer line was backing up into her home, but she couldn’t afford to have the issue fixed.

“When I flushed the commode, it would come back up in the bathtub,” she said.

The issue needed to be addressed immediately, and Christie Myers of Opportunity Dallas put out a call for help on Facebook – one that Brian Davis, a regional director for the NLC Service Line Warranty Program, happened to see.

“Knowing that our program does exactly this – coming in and fixing the water line and the sewer line, restoring that service for the homeowner, I thought this was something we couldn’t pass up,” said Brian.

The Service Line Warranty Program is administered by Utility Service Partners, a HomeServe company, and Brian suggested the company’s charitable arm, the HomeServe Cares Foundation, consider helping Daisy with her repair problems. HomeServe Cares provides emergency home repairs that impact the health, safety or quality of life for qualifying homeowners.

“It made me feel good to know I was going to be able to get it fixed,” Daisy said.

All Masters Plumbing, a Service Line Warranty Program network contractor, went to Daisy’s home and determined that there was a leak internally under the foundation of the home, which could potentially cause more health problems for her.

“[Her] tub drain was completely broken, and there was constant water going under the house, which is not healthy, because it builds up pools of water,” said Doug Debusk of All Masters. “It could cause future foundation problems.”

All Masters completely rebuilt Daisy’s drain line.

“She won’t have any more issue with this,” Doug said. “I’m just thankful I get an opportunity to do this to help the community.”

A few days after All Masters made the repair, Daisy noticed wet patches in her yard. Now that she knew who to turn to, she reached out again to the Service Line Warranty Program.

All Masters returned to her home to discover that, in addition to the drainage issues, her water service line had burst. To repair it would cost approximately $4,500, but the Service Line Warranty Program stepped up for Daisy again and repaired it in partnership with All Masters so that she wouldn’t have any more plumbing worries.

To learn more about Daisy’s story, click the video below.

NLC Service Line Warranty Program and All Masters Plumbing help Dallas resident from Utility Service Partners on Vimeo.

The NLC Service Line Warranty Program offers affordable emergency home repair plans for water lines, sewer lines and interior plumbing, and educates residents about their responsibilities. The program allows residents to make claims 24/7/365 to an award-winning contact center to receive service from a fully-vetted local contractor.

If you want to learn how we can help yourresidents, stop by booth 1449 at the 2019 Texas Municipal League Conference and Exhibition Oct. 9-11 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio and speak to Regional Water Director Emilie Zalfini and Account Manager Jessica Fish or visit www.homeserveusa.com.

NLC Service Line Warranty Program partners with municipalities to educate homeowners and offer affordable protection against potentially costly service line repairs. The Program uses a network of local plumbers who have gone through background and drug screenings. The Program’s 500-seat call center is staffed 24/7/365 to answer claims calls and dispatch contractors to address homeowners’ emergencies.

The Program is provided at no cost to cities, and partner cities can receive royalties based on participation.

To find out how you can help your residents achieve peace of mind, contact us.

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