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by | Mar 16, 2017 | Education, NLC SLWP, Water Solutions

When we created the NLC Service Line Warranty Program, the goal was to work with the National League of Cities to address a critical issue on which both organizations were aligned: aging infrastructure. While efforts were underway to address that need at the larger city level, we felt a need to help communities educate their residents about their responsibilities for the private water and sewer lines on their property while also providing an affordable solution to address the high cost of service line repairs.
Buried deep underground, these lines remain out of sight and out of mind; until there is a problem. Many homeowners are unaware of their responsibilities for the service lines that run between the point of the utility connection and the home. Moreover, they are under the impression that these lines rarely fail and if they did, the city or utility would perform, and cover the cost of, any needed repairs.
After 12 years, more than 270 partners around North America offer external water, external sewer and
in-home plumbing warranty protection programs to their communities through the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program, and to date, more than 100,000 homeowners have saved over million in repair costs through the program.
Today, we are taking the next step forward in providing tools and information to assist our partners in educating their residents about the impacts of aging infrastructure on our local, natural resources.
Join us at the National League of Cities Congress of Cities and Exposition in Nashville November 4; 7, where we will unveil a new campaign aimed at increasing awareness of the need to work together, creatively, to improve conservation efforts in communities across North America. Watch our website and social media channels for more information in the coming months and to learn how  you can participate within your community. Visit for more information.

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