The National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program (SLWP), administered by HomeServe, helps homeowners save thousands of dollars on the high cost of repairs to broken, leaking or clogged water and sewer lines while also addressing the aging infrastructure in communities. HomeServe’s warranty products offer affordable coverage for buried external water and sewer lines from the point of utility connection to the home (including those portions buried under concrete slabs).

The NLC Service Line Warranty Program is a warranty and not an insurance policy. Offered at no cost to cities and municipalities, the program is an important educational tool for informing homeowners of their service line responsibilities while offering an affordable solution for homeowners to proactively manage these potential expenses.

Homeowners often do not have money set aside for an unexpected, expensive service line repair that can cost from hundreds of dollars to upwards of $2,500 per repair. With the NLC SLWP, homeowners can purchase an optional, affordable solution providing generous coverage with no deductibles or service fees and no annual or lifetime limits.

Homeowners will have peace of mind knowing that repairs are not only covered, but handled quickly. One call to HomeServe’s consumer brand, Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA), and a licensed, reputable contractor in the area will be quickly dispatched to make repairs to the homeowner’s satisfaction and in accordance with local code. There are no forms or paperwork to fill out, just one call to a toll-free number for claims processing, which is available 24/7/365 days a year. Repairs are usually completed within 24 hours of submitting a claim.

Plumbers dispatched to the homeowner’s residence are part of the HomeServe Contractor Network and undergo a rigorous background check conducted by a third-party compliance management firm before being accepted into the network. Contractors are local to the community into which the program has been introduced to help keep money in the local economy. HomeServe encourages small, minority and women-owned businesses to participate in the program. Only contractors that share our commitment to excellence in customer service, as well as proper licensing and insurance, are welcomed into the network.

The NLC Service Line Warranty Program has helped more than 5 million homeowners save over $2 billion in service line repair costs.

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