NLC Service Line Warranty Program Helps Salt Lake Resident With Problem Sewer Line

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Helen T. of Salt Lake City knew she needed to do something about her sewer line – it had gotten to the point that she had to have it cleaned out annually to clear it of roots.
“My sewer line is old and clay,” she said.
However, figuring out exactly how to approach the problem and which plumber to use proved to be a daunting task.
“It’s difficult to find a contractor. There are so many repair methods to consider – lining, bursting,” Helen said. “I had six bids.”
Helen wanted to be sure that she was making the right choice so she could enjoy many more years in her beloved home – a 100-year-old structure in a quiet residential neighborhood popular with young families. The repair would be an investment of several thousand dollars, and she wanted to make the best, most cost efficient choice. It would have been a great help to have someone knowledgeable about plumbing repair assist her, she added.
“The bidding process was difficult,” she said, noting it required doing research on her own to better understand both what she needed and what was being offered.
After receiving a recommendation from a plumber with whom she had a long relationship, she chose Stott Plumbing, a network contractor with the National League of Cities Service Line Warranty Program, administered by Utility Service Partners, a HomeServe company.
“They came out here, they gave me a fair estimate and they gave me space to make a decision,” Helen said.
Not only do Stott Plumbing managers Bryan and Mike Stott pride themselves on word-of-mouth  advertising and their cordial relationship with Salt Lake City officials, but also on being able to do every part of a job from start to finish. Stott, which was started by Gerald Stott, Bryan and Mike’s father, in 1970, has the personnel and equipment to do everything from opening a cut in the street to running heavy machinery to backfilling.
“When you don’t have control over that, then you run the risk of delay when a [third-party vendor] isn’t available,” said Bryan. “This just makes sense.”
Helen is retired and on a fixed income, and this repair would be a significant financial hardship. So Stott suggested she apply for the HomeServe Cares program, a program the national warranty company offers to cover home repairs for those who qualify. The Service Line Warranty Program agreed to cover the repair for Helen.
“I didn’t believe it at first,” Helen said. “It sounded too good to be true, but it was true.”
The NLC Service Line Warranty Program offers warranties for water, sewer, and interior plumbing lines. Instead of seeking out several bids and going through the process with no assistance, as Helen did,  program customers make one call to the award-winning, 24/7 call center and a licensed, insured and vetted contractor is dispatched. Network contractors pass background and drug screenings and must maintain a high customer satisfaction score. In addition, the work is guaranteed for a year.
Stott Plumbing replaced Helen’s entire sewer service line, from her home to the city sewer main. This required digging a trench through her front yard, cutting through the street and “bursting,” or pushing the new pipe through the old, to avoid disturbing the sidewalk and porch. Stott Plumbing accomplished this all in one day so Helen will enjoy her home and neighborhood for many years to come.
“I want to thank HomeServe Cares and Stott Plumbing,” Helen said.

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