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by | Dec 21, 2015 | Education, Green Initiatives, Water Conservation, Water Solutions

MP900433143Water conservation has been a major topic of discussion in 2015. Many parts of the nation are still facing severe drought, for some the worse in history. Yet, when we turn on the tap, water still flows. Many people take for granted just how limited our water resources are today.
In an effort to put water conservation at the forefront, the White House recently hosted a Roundtable discussion on Water Innovation. They have set a goal of reducing water usage by 33% across the nation. As pointed out in the discussions, a move to conserve water doesn’t just save water, but also the energy required to move and treat water. Major strides in technology can make this a realistic goal.
Encouraging the residents in your community to conserve water and to use energy-efficient products will have a positive effect on your economy. As Charles Fishman wrote in Fast Company, “The benefits of this reduction would cascade through the economy in surprising, often happy ways that you might not even consider. If your big commercial washing machines need less water, you heat less water to run them, which means you pay less for electricity. Less water, lower energy costs. Pumping water from around the U.S. economy is the largest single use of electricity in the county, so every farm, factory, university, power plant and skyscraper that found a way to cut water usage by a third would see a significant drop in its electricity bill – and its carbon emissions.”
The goal of 33% reduction in water usage isn’t going to happen overnight. It will take a long-term commitment to replace older appliances with energy-efficient models, educate the community on water-saving tips and embracing change.
Together, your community, along with communities around the nation, can conserve more water than individuals alone. Cities can share resources on water conservation and homeowner tips while keeping the goal of water use reduction at the forefront of their minds. We’ll share more information about water conservation and resources for your city during Service Line Awareness Week in March. Bookmark for more information in the coming months.

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