Hamilton, Ontario, surpasses more than 10,000 enrollments with Service Line Warranties of Canada

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Canada, HomeServe in the News, Water Solutions

The City of Hamilton, Ontario, has surpassed more than 10,000 enrollments since the Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) program rolled out in September 2014. The program offers affordable repair protection to homeowners for broken, clogged or leaking water, sewer and in-home plumbing lines. The City of Hamilton was the first city in Canada to introduce the program to its residents, joining a family of what is now more than 300 municipalities in North America, including 15 municipalities in Canada, offering the program to homeowners.

“We are continually thrilled at the growth of our partnership with the City of Hamilton,” said Philip E. Riley, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer for Service Line Warranties of Canada. “SLWC is committed to providing exceptional customer service and peace of mind to the City of Hamilton and its residents. We are especially happy to be able to provide an important service to thaw frozen lines during cold winters. We know it’s important to the City of Hamilton that their residents have access to a warranty that can provide reliable, safe service when it’s needed most.”

Service Line Warranties of Canada offers an optional protection program providing coverage for repairs to broken, clogged or leaking water lines, sewer lines and in-home plumbing lines. This program is only available through partnerships with cities and municipalities. Warranty protection is offered to homeowners at an affordable price for failures due to normal wear and tear, including, importantly, the thawing of frozen lines, which is an important feature during difficult winters.

“Hamilton residents have responded well to this program,” said Mike Zegarac, General Manager, Finance and Corporate Services for the City of Hamilton. “This optional program through Service Line Warranties of Canada had provided Hamilton residential property owners another option for the management of repairs to their service lines when needed, in addition to valuable access to a qualified, licensed contractor network who perform needed repairs according to local code.”

For more information on how to bring this program to your community, visit Service Line Warranties of Canada.

About Service Line Warranties of Canada – Service Line Warranties of Canada is the consumer brand of the Utility Service Partners, Inc. family of companies and is one of North America’s largest and most trusted sources of utility line warranties, serving residential customers since 2003.

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