Getting the Lead Out: Public and Private Resources for Cities to Address Lead in Water Infrastructure

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Education, Infrastructure, Knowledge Center, Partner Videos, Service Line Responsibilities, Videos, Water Loss, Water Solutions, Webinars

According to the NRDC’s new national survey of lead water service lines, between 9.7 million and 12.8 million lead pipes are connected to residences. The federal government is focused on this issue as Congress has passed President Biden’s infrastructure proposal, which includes spending to replace every lead pipe in the country. Cities have adopted varied approaches to dealing with this challenging situation, both through federal programs and public-private partnerships. This session looked at the breadth of this issue while presenting solutions and lessons learned that cities can use.

This October 20th, 2021 Webinar Featured Panelists:

  • Brandon Scott, Mayor of Baltimore, MD
  • Scott Weddell, VP Contact Centers, HomeServe
  • Carolyn Berndt, Federal Advocacy Legislative Dir. for Sustainability, NLC

Click below to watch!


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