Customer and Contractor Safety Addressed During COVID-19 Crisis with PPE

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Education, Water Solutions

At HomeServe, customers are at the heart of everything we do, so their health and safety are of utmost importance, especially during this pandemic. Customer and contractor safety are our top priorities.

“We remain 100 percent dedicated to serving our customers during this challenging time,” John Kitzie, North American CEO, said. “We provide an essential service, but we must conduct business in a safe and responsible manner for the well-being of our customers and our employees.”

We are committed to protecting our customers and our field technicians from the coronavirus as we continue to respond to emergency home repair calls impacting sanitation and safety. We are working with our network contractors every day to ensure best practices in social distancing and preventing the spread of the virus are in use to ensure contractor safety.

Customer and contractor safety is important to us, so all of our network contractors are wearing personal protective equipment during at-home calls.

When a resident calls in with a claim, our agents, who are all working from home offices at this time, ask them pre-screening questions to determine whether they have been exposed to or are at risk of having the coronavirus. If someone in the household has been exposed, we provide service with a specialized team equipped with advanced personal protective equipment including single-use Tyvek coveralls and respiratory protection.

For those residents who haven’t been exposed to the virus, our technicians are equipped with personal protective equipment – N95 respirators and nitrile gloves – and they are practicing social distancing, including suspending the requirement for customer signatures. Our technicians are trained in the proper use and disposal of all personal protective equipment and measures to combat the spread of the virus and maintain customer and contractor safety.

Technicians are monitored for symptoms of the coronavirus, including regular temperature checks, and are instructed to stay home from work if they are symptomatic.

In the last week HomeServe has executed over 10,000 repairs for our customers.

We must all do our part to combat the spread of the coronavirus and protect the vulnerable among us. At HomeServe, we take our responsibility to customers and contractor safety to heart.

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