Employee and Community Safety Safeguarded by Working from Home

by | Mar 26, 2020 | Aging in Place, Communities, Customer Engagement, Energy Solutions, Millennials

During this coronavirus epidemic, we must all come together; figuratively!; to do what we can to ensure community safety by stopping the spread of the virus and protecting those who are most at-risk.

community safety

Across North America, our teams are working remotely and using video conference tools as part of our commitment to community safety.

That responsibility to community safety is why HomeServe moved our office personnel home. Our employees are working from home, including those in our 450-seat Chattanooga, Tennessee, call center. As a provider of essential home repair services, our teams have worked diligently to make the transfer from call center to working from home as smooth as possible so that our customers would receive the same great level of service.

Our call center is customers’ first interaction with us, Fred Rodriguez, Chief Operating Officer said. To protect our employees and for community safety, we needed to move everyone to working from home, but we needed to do it in such a way that the customer experience was uninterrupted.

As the coronavirus crisis escalated, HomeServe’s IT teams had a lot of work to do in a short time. The goal for not only call center employees, but employees in all North American offices, to begin working from home increased in urgency as the virus spread across the country and community safety was impacted.

Our team not only had to make sure that everyone could work from home, but that we maintained our commitment to cybersecurity and customer service, Matthew Mudry, VP Information Security, said. That our customers don’t realize we’ve made this move shows me how successful our team was.

Organizing and executing a strategy in which hundreds of employees were outfitted with the proper hardware and software and given the proper training and support for working from home is no small feat. However, company leaders knew it was something necessary to maintain community safety. The HomeServe IT team remains hard at work, managing a shifted systems load, providing remote troubleshooting and support across the network and maintaining system security.

Our IT team has done a superb job in preparing our team for working from home during this crisis, John Kitzie, North American CEO, said. Similarly, everyone from call center agents to contractor services to account management has adjusted to the change without missing a beat. We continue to be available to our customers, partners and network contractors while helping maintain community safety.

In the last week alone, HomeServe call center agents fielded over 60,000 incoming calls and dispatched contractors to over 10,000 jobs.

During this time, it is more important than ever to serve our partners and our customers and provide a great customer experience while maintaining community safety. At HomeServe, we are at home for your home.

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