A Message From Tom Rusin, CEO 2018

by | Jan 3, 2018 | By State, Education, Florida, Texas, Water Solutions

At USP, a HomeServe Company, our focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience can only be realized with a passionate and engaged workforce.
Feedback from employees has revealed that many wish to be involved in activities that support community initiatives. So our corporate social responsibility initiatives also serve as a platform for meaningful employee engagement. Through a company-wide charity pitch program similar to Shark Tank, we deliberately solicited ideas from our employees for organizations to support. This has enabled us, through a company matching program, to provide significant monetary assistance to a number of organizations that have a personal connection to them. To date, our total contributions in the charity pitch program alone have exceeded 4,000. Many of these organizations also hold events, such as 5K races, that allow groups of our employees to participate, further solidifying their connection to USP HomeServe and the initiatives we support.
As part of our corporate social responsibility program, we grant each employee a day off with pay per year to dedicate to community service. Many departments have chosen to use the day as a team-building event, cooking meals for the homeless or cleaning up a park. Those who have participated in these activities have expressed their appreciation for giving them the gift of time to help others.
We also dedicate our resources and expertise in the home repair space to help those in need. HomeServe Cares is an initiative to help disadvantaged homeowners in communities we serve around the country who are faced with a home repair emergency and don’t have either one of our repair service plans or the necessary funds to cover the repair costs. Additionally, in the case of severe weather events, such as this year’s devastating hurricanes, we were able to offer assistance in a number of ways. During the aftermath of the recent hurricanes in Florida and Texas, we leveraged our greatest asset”our network of high-quality contractors across a number of trades”mobilizing them to provide service at discounted rates to customers in these affected areas, covering the contractors’ investigation costs for repairs not covered under our typical service plans. We also partnered with the Red Cross to raise funds to assist, matching all employee contributions dollar for dollar.
At USP and HomeServe we believe that participating in community service with our employees creates connections that go above and beyond titles or positions. The best part is: our customers ultimately benefit from receiving service from a company with a deeply engaged workforce.

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