A Homeowner’s Tip For Conserving Water

by | May 5, 2016 | By State, Green Initiatives, Home Maintenance, Kansas, Missouri, Water Conservation, Water Solutions

This tip for conserving water comes from David C. of Kansas City, Missouri. He was the winner of our photo contest during Service Line Awareness Week.SLAW Photo Winner

“I conserve water with 4 of these 55-gallon rain barrels around my home. This provides 220 gallons of water from just one-half inch of rain as they fill very quickly. The flowers and vegetables grow faster with water from my barrels versus using tap water. I rarely use all 220 gallons before a new rainfall fills them back up for me.”

For tips to help in conserving water and efforts in your city by addressing leaking water service lines quickly and hassle-free, visit www.homeserveusa.com.

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