Melted Wiring Poses Fire Hazard to Retiree

by | Jun 27, 2024 | Customer Engagement, Customer Testimonials, Energy Solutions, Testimonials

When the lights in her Georgia home went out, Shela didn’t panic.

She knew she could trust HomeServe to fix the problem for her.

Shela has saved more than $5,000 with more than a dozen repairs in the past five years through her emergency home repair plans from HomeServe. She and her father bought their home in 2018, and they knew it was old – built in 1935 – but protecting their home systems from unanticipated repairs hadn’t occurred to them until they got a visit from a neighbor.

“She told me about HomeServe, and I thought that the house is very old, it wasn’t very well-maintained over the years – everything is like, you hold your breath – and I probably should have that,” she said. “I started with coverage for the plumbing indoors and the water and sewer service lines. Well, we weren’t here for more than six months, and I pulled in and the driveway was covered in water. A pipe had busted.”

This early repair demonstrated the value of the service to Shela, and she eventually expanded her coverage to also cover her electric service line, interior electric wiring, gas lines and water heater. The plans ensured that Shela’s systems would be fixed properly, which became even more important after her father passed.

So, when she had a partial loss of power in December 2023, she knew the drill: Call HomeServe. A local, licensed and insured electrician, EaZy Electrical and Plumbing, was dispatched to assess and repair the issue.

“I love HomeServe and can’t imagine not having them to come save me!”

“The young man had been out here before on different occasions, so we had kind of bonded,” Shela said. “He went into the attic, and a wire in the attic had completely melted, he brought it to me and showed me. He said it could have caused a fire. Well, long story short, he re-did the wiring in the kitchen, and luckily, there hasn’t been an issue since then.”

HomeServe covered $1,250 for the repair.

“I don’t have that kind of money,” she said. “It would have been catastrophic.

“I love HomeServe and can’t imagine not having them to come save me! I rent out my spare bedrooms to traveling nurses, and they count on me to keep things in working order and make repairs in a timely manner. The level of stress and pressure this creates is overwhelming, but knowing I only need to make one phone call and HomeServe will do the rest is an absolute lifesaver!”

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