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HomeServe USA is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen and making a positive impact on our partners’, employees’ and contractors’ communities. The HomeServe Cares Program assists disadvantaged homeowners faced with a repair emergency who don’t have a service plan or the necessary funds to cover the repair.

“We started the HomeServe Cares program because we realized that we could leverage our financial resources and great network of contractors to help homeowners with urgent repair needs who had nowhere to turn for help,” said Myles Meehan, SVP of Public Relations at HomeServe. “In many cases, we are literally helping to keep people in their homes and improving the quality of their daily life.”HomeServe has committed to providing pro-bono services to those in need. Our partners and network contractors help to identify potential recipients. Many homeowners aren’t financially prepared for an emergency home repair, with one-in-five having no money set aside for such an occurrence. Sixty-five percent of those with a household income of less than $50,000 having $500 or less to address a repair emergency.  

HomeServe Cares Gives Back

HomeServe Cares funding has assisted many citizens since the program’s inception five years ago. Yonkers, NY homeowner Evangeline’s water service line sprang a leak, and she needed to replace the entire lead line, HomeServe was there to help through the efforts of network contractor Josephine O’Grady and regional operations manager Mary Michell. In Minneapolis, Itzel wasn’t aware of her responsibility to maintain her home’s water service line, until it began leaking – on the other side of the street. She was faced with a bill for thousands of dollars, until HomeServe stepped in.

Steward’s Plumbing President Eric Maxon, in Albequerque, NM, helped Jessica replace her hot water heater and repair her heating system and helped Dave and Sarah replace their hot water heater when he learned both households had members fighting cancer. In Salt Lake City, Helen’s sewer line had been overtaken by roots, and she turned to HomeServe.

Brooklyn network contractor Balkan Plumbing and HomeServe worked hand-in-hand to prevent a homeowner from receiving a $500 fine and having her water shut offHomeServe was there in Memphis and Wichita, when homeowners in those cities had a problem they couldn’t address on their own. Katy received a water bill for $1,000, and learned she was responsible for her water service line in Hyattsville, Maryland, but HomeServe was there to help with the replacement of her line.

In Fort Worth, network contractor Robin Tusa noticed her customer, Tijuana, had to unplug her television to plug in Robin’s equipment. She alerted HomeServe, and an electrician was sent to Tijuana’s home to make sure her electrical system was repaired and not a fire hazard.

Focus on Veterans

HomeServe Cares has assisted veterans in need. In Waukeagan, Illinois, World War II and Korean War veteran Paul had six inches of grey water in his basement after a sewer backup. HomeServe dispatched a plumber after hours to clear his basement, then had a cleanout installed to prevent it from happening again. Edward, a World War II veteran, was without heat in January after his Lynn, Massachusetts home flooded, leaving more than three feet of water in his basement. HomeServe dispatched a team of plumbers to replace it at no cost to Edward upon learning about his predicament.

Corporate Responsibility

HomeServe’s corporate social responsibility initiatives also serve as a platform for meaningful employee engagement. In addition to providing employees a paid day off to volunteer for the charitable cause of their choice, HomeServe provides support to a wide range of great causes of interest to our employees, from breast cancer awareness to Habitat for Humanity to the Children’s Hospital at Erlanger Dragon Boat Festival – an event that draws great participation and enthusiasm from employees working out of our newly constructed Chattanooga, Tennessee, call center.

HomeServe USA provides low-cost emergency home repair programs through partnerships with utilities and municipalities. Our nationwide network of licensed, insured and vetted contractors offers your residents freedom from the stress of emergency home repairs. We have more than 400 seats in 24/7/365 call centers in Chattanooga and Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. For information, contact us.  

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