The Winners of HomeServe’s 2016 1st Annual Top Contractor Awards

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Last month, HomeServe held its 1st Annual National Top Contractor Conference & Roundtable in Dallas, TX, where we recognized contractors across our network for their excellence in service delivery and customer service. The following are brief profiles of this year’s winners. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Category – Customer Service

 National & Midwest Region – Torgerson Excavation, Des Moines, IA

Torgerson Excavation received the top honors in the Customer Service category, winning both the national and regional award for consistently going above and beyond for customers. The company receives little to no complaints on its services, and in the highly rare event that a customer has a less-than-great experience, Torgerson makes sure the issue is taken care of immediately. Torgerson’s success stems from a simple code: right, wrong or indifferent – always keep the customer at the heart of all decisions.


Northeast Region – ACE Mechanical, Fords, NJ

Ace Mechanical, an expert drain-cleaning company, came away as the winner in Customer Service for the Northeast region. Time and time again, Ace has demonstrated its expertise in properly opening, cleaning and maintaining troublesome sewer lines, getting them back in functioning shape for customers. Ace has a proven track record in restoring customer peace of mind through its consistent delivery of timely, high-quality service – which customers continue to reward with high satisfaction scores.


Southeast Region – Eagle Services, Birmingham, AL

Eagle Services took the award in Customer Service in the Southeast region. The company has been part of HomeServe’s network since 2014, following the partnership launch with Birmingham Water Works Board. In that time, Eagle’s customer service has remained outstanding and received high marks from BWWB and customers alike. The company continues to demonstrate a serious commitment to those it serves and looks to maintain its stellar reputation.


Central Region – Fixxer Plumbing Company, Mesquite, TX

On the HomeServe network for six years, Fixxer Plumbing Co. received the Customer Service award for the Central region. The Fixxer crew serves the greater Dallas and Fort Worth area and has a history of prioritizing customers first and foremost. Fixxer has and continues to focus on taking care of the people it serves, always making sure to provide timely, professional services and collaborating with HomeServe to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.


Western Region – Stott Plumbing, Salt Lake City, UT

The Western region Customer Service award went to Stott Plumbing, which joined the network once HomeServe began serving customers for the city of Salt Lake City. Soon after the launch, Stott distinguished itself as a committed, high-quality contractor that quickly became HomeServe’s primary plumber for the area. A family owned business, Stott Plumbing has a history of delivering positive customer experiences in everything they do and continue to be standard-bearer of trustworthiness and dedication in customer service.


Mid-Atlantic Region – Omega Electric, Gilbertsville, PA

Omega Electric walked away with the Customer Service honors for the Mid-Atlantic region. One of the early contractors to join HomeServe’s network, Omega has been providing best-in-class customer service for over a decade. The company covers a significant portion of eastern Pennsylvania and ensures customers receive quick responses and timely repairs – exemplary of Omega’s level of service and dedication to customers.


Category: Service Delivery

National & Mid-Atlantic Region – Total Plumbing, Warminster, PA

The national and regional winner in the Service Delivery category was Warminster, PA-based Total Plumbing. Total Plumbing has consistently led by example and supported the development of strong business practices. This, in addition to their high-quality contractor services, has made the company a true asset within HomeServe’s network. Total Plumbing continues to deliver effective, reliable repair solutions to customers, delivering significant peace of mind – while being a key partner for HomeServe in the launches of key initiatives and new offerings.


Northeast Region – Lanzo Plumbing, Hackensack, NJ

The Northeast regional winner in Service Delivery, Lanzo Plumbing has a strong record of providing high-quality repair solutions and maintaining outstanding service delivery through it all. Lanzo always brings expertise, integrity and resources to repair assignments, effectively resolving issues for customers and making sure they know they are taken care of. The company is a team player on HomeServe’s network, always supporting the launches of new offerings and pilot programs while setting a great example within their community.


Southeast Region – Hers and His Plumbing, Nashville, TN

In the Southeast region, the Service Delivery award went to Hers and His Plumbing. Hers and His started out with just one office in Nashville in 2009 but has since grown to add three locations in Tennessee, two locations in Florida and one location each in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The company is frequently cited by partners and customers as a pleasure to work with, and its staff has a reputation for always going above and beyond the call of duty.


Central Region – Absolute Comfort, Minot, ND

Absolute Comfort received Service Delivery honors for the Central U.S. region, having been with the HomeServe network since early 2013. Absolute Comfort has been a supportive participant and partner with HomeServe through every initiative and challenge as the technology landscape has transformed the industry. The company’s integrity, commitment to customers and service efficiency have set the bar for excellence from the start, helping add to the credibility of Absolute Comfort as well as partners Montana-Dakota Utilities and HomeServe in the process.


Midwest Region – Royal Plumbing, Southfield, MI

Royal Plumbing, winner in the Service Delivery category in the Midwest region, has built a reputation as an extremely effective contractor with a respect for attention to detail. Whether it’s the work Royal does directly for customers or the work the company does with HomeServe, the quality and level of thoroughness in the team’s approach have always been exemplary. The strategy and work ethic Royal Plumbing incorporates into its services have created great results for the company and has bolstered its reputation with customers.


Western Region – Frassica Plumbing, Corona, CA

A valuable partner for over 5 years, Frassica Plumbing earned the Service Delivery award for the Western region. Frassica has always been aligned with HomeServe’s values and goals, sharing a serious commitment to customers and providing quality services. The company regularly participates in HomeServe’s new programs and technology offerings to build on the mutual success of both organizations. Frassica’s diligence and outstanding service delivery have led to expansions in service territory and increased demand for services, which the contractor continues to meet efficiently and effectively.


Utility Service Partners: Service Delivery

HomeServe USA also recognized its outstanding contractor partners in the U.S. and Canada, who are part of the Utility Service Partners (USP) network. Below are the USP Service Delivery award recipients.

USA Service Delivery Winner: Ladd’s Anytime Plumbing, Tulsa, OK

Ladd’s Anytime Plumbing, recognized for Service Delivery in the U.S., counts itself among the most professional, efficient and customer service related contractors that USP has to offer. Ladd’s has a stellar record as a master contractor, capable of effectively executing all phases of plumbing from sewer cleanings to high-level excavations. Sharing the commitment to excellence that is core to USP/HomeServe USA’s values, Ladd’s Anytime Plumbing consistently showcases its expertise and dedication on a daily basis.

Canada Service Delivery Winner: Mountain Plumbing, Hamilton, ON

Mountain Plumbing, named the winner in Service Delivery for Canada, brings a combination of skill, selflessness and professionalism to everything they do. The company’s keen understanding of customers and their needs, in addition to its excellent service quality, has helped Mountain Plumbing serve as a catalyst for USP/HomeServe’s expansion into Canadian territories. Today, Mountain Plumbing remains in the upper echelon within the USP network of contractors and continues to raise the industry bar with its team’s acumen and work ethic.

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