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Cooperative Webinar: Enhancing Member Engagement and Loyalty
Brianna and Kim present to Electric Cooperatives Association, Virginia Maryland & Delaware

Partner Testimonials

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EnergyUnited’s Josh Cleveland Discusses Cooperative Partner Experience: Enhancing Member Engagement and Loyalty
EnergyUnited’s Josh Cleveland Talks Benefits of Marketing Partner HomeServe to Members
EnergyUnited’s Josh Cleveland Discusses Collaborative Partnership with HomeServe
EnergyUnited’s Josh Cleveland Speaks on Value of HomeServe Partnership to Members and Cooperatives
EnergyUnited’s Josh Cleveland Discusses Partner HomeServe Cares Foundation in Community
EnergyUnited’s Josh Cleveland Explains HomeServe Partnership Benefits
Cheryl Brubaker Schaub, Former Manager, Consumer Products Group, FirstEnergy
Partner, Customer, and Contractor Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Dorothy of Houston, Texas, needed help with a gas line replacement.
When Shannon’s gas service line needed to be repaired, she didn’t panic, because she had HomeServe.

Contractor Testimonials

Contractor Victor Karcher Discusses HomeServe Partnership Benefits
HomeServe Contractor Explains Increase in Provider Customer Satisfaction with Program
HomeServe Contractor Victor Karcher Explains Job Assignment Process
HomeServe Contractor Victor Karcher Discusses Repair Follow-Up
Cooperative Contractor Experience: Enhancing Member Engagement and Loyalty
Contractor Testimonials, September 2018
Contractor Joe Calhoun, Owner of TotalTech Electric, speaks about how HomeServe USA works with his company to help residents.
Contractor Wayne Colletti of Omega Electric shares his experience working with HomeServe USA.

HomeServe Cares Foundation Testimonials

Customer Stories and Testimonials
Tijuana Bryant of Texas had to pump wastewater out of her house every time she took a shower.

HomeServe’s Call Center

Tour HomeServe’s Customer Center of Excellence
Call Center Tour: The Workforce
Call Center Tour: Contractor Operations
Call Center Tour: HomeServe Training
Call Center Technology: HomeServe Inbound

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