Enhance Customer Experience with Advanced Technologies

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As customer expectations continue to increase, companies need to have a mindset of continuous improvement to keep up. HomeServe’s focus on the customer has led to the implementation of speech analytics and other advanced technologies in our Chattanooga, Tennessee contact center to dramatically enhance the customer experience. 

  • Call Miner: Collects data on key elements such as language and word frequency, allows companies to identify trends and take proactive steps in enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Rant & Rave: Evaluates direct feedback from customers to help gauge customer sentiment and identify opportunities for improvement

Here, Rob Judson, EVP Customer Experience, explains how HomeServe embraces technology provide exemplary customer service.

And focusing on customer experience is critical for utilities.  J.D. Power research has demonstrated that utilities with higher customer satisfaction ratings see higher approved rates of return from regulators:


“The lesson that utilities can learn from other high-performing service providers is that to excel you need a culture that puts customers and employees first.”
-John Hazen, Senior Director of the utility practice at J.D. Power.

Want to learn more about how technology and innovation can increase customer satisfaction?

Join HomeServe’s EVP of Customer Experience, Rob Judson, at the upcoming SGA Marketing, Customer Experience & Communications Conference, as he talks about how using the latest speech analytics, dispatching and chat technologies in our call center has helped us provide award-winning customer service.

Title: Applying Advanced Technologies to Enhance Customer Experience
Location: SGA MCEC Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Date: Thursday, August 10th
Time: 8:30am – 9:45am

HomeServe | Len Mize, Senior Director – Business Development
P: 484-241-7285 | Len.Mize@HomeServeUSA.com

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