Observing Energy Efficiency Day

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Energy Efficiency Day will be observed Oct. 2, raising awareness about the benefits of energy efficiency in lowering consumer costs, alleviating demand on the grid and improving health.

Thermal security of homes is one focus of Energy Efficiency Day.

Buildings in the United States use nearly 40 percent of total energy, including 68 percent of electricity, and are responsible for nearly 40 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is because one-third of homes are 45 years old or older. Many weren’t built with energy-efficient technology and need to be remodeled and refurbished with energy-efficient appliances to conserve energy.

Energy Efficiency Day Includes Utilities

No organization, group or force is better poised to advance energy efficiency than energy utilities, and as the technology evolves and the industry adapts ever faster, energy utilities will continue to be on the forefront of new energy efficiency innovation. The energy industry has already seen the impact of energy efficiency in improving demand flexibility and energy management.

Most utilities already have robust energy efficiency programs, including efficiency tips and literature, efficiency calculators, email and text alerts, rebates, energy audits, conversion and retrofitting assistance, recommended contractors and marketplaces.  However, a consumer survey by the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative (SECC) of energy consumers’ engagement level with utility energy efficiency programs revealed that 40% are only “selectively engaged” and commonly made their most significant energy-related upgrade in response to an immediate need or repair.

Many consumers are familiar with the more traditional “point-of-sale” strategies that utilities deploy to promote energy efficiency programs–digital, print, retail kiosks, etc., but to engage the selectively engaged 40%, utilities could consider offering a repair service program. . A repair plan partnership with a service provider like HomeServe, energy efficiency upgrades and initiatives can be presented to residents when they are most likely to be receptive, at the “point-of-repair.” That’s when a network plumber/electrician is in the home, performing a repair. As an added benefit, this approach can also create positive attribution for the utility, in relation to these initiatives.

Repair Plan Partnerships

Repair plan partnerships can deliver additional benefits to utilities, such as royalties and corporate social responsibility programs that provide pro bono services for disadvantaged utility consumers. HomeServe partners can also take advantage of the HomeServe App, which can be branded for the utility. The App enables residents to inventory home appliances via bar code scanning, allowing instant access to manuals and warranty and tune-up reminders, and can also serve as a push platform to communicate energy efficiency and other targeted messages. The App also enables communication of important messages regarding outages and public service announcements; establishment of programs to encourage conservation and efficiency; and identification of aging systems/appliances that might be eligible for rebate programs. These benefits are all available free-of-charge to the utility and its residents.

HomeServe is a leading provider of utility-sponsored home repair service programs serving over 4 million customers across North America. We enable utilities to offer additional services for residential energy consumers that improve energy efficiency, enhance reliability and service, and increase consumer engagement. HomeServe plans protect homeowners against the expense and inconvenience of HVAC, gas and electric lines, water heater and other home emergencies by providing affordable coverage and quality local service from rigorously-vetted network contractors. Residents with a plan are more likely to repair/replace inefficient systems and proactively address issues, and our solution promotes overall energy efficiency, reliability and safety. For more information, contact us.

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