Network Contractor Calls HomeServe Cares to Help Ensure Customer Safety

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Customer Engagement, Energy Solutions, HomeServe Cares, Maintenance, Service Line Responsibilities

When Robin Tusa of Tusa’s Plumbing was at Tijuana B.’s Fort Worth, Texas, home, she noticed something odd: When they plugged in her equipment, they turned off their television.

Tusa, a HomeServe USA network contractor, was at the home to unclog a sewer line when she noticed the issue.

“I had come out to this residence to take care of a main line stoppage,” she said. “I took care of the stoppage for them and we found roots in the line, so I came back to jet. When I went to unplug the outlet, that’s when I saw they had turned the TV off to allow me to have electricity to run the machine.”

Tijuana explained she had been having issues with outlets popping and catching fire, a sure sign of faulty power outlet wiring.

“Some of our outlets, when we plugged them in, it would trip the breaker,” Tijuana said. “The one in my room caught fire.”

Tusa knew just what to do: She called HomeServe and advocated for her client, asking if there was anything that could be done to help Tijuana. She knew the issue could be a potential safety hazard.

“I reached out to some of my contacts and ended up getting [help] through the [HomeServe] Cares program,” Tusa said.

There was no way to know whether it was a minor power outlet wiring problem requiring a quick fix or a serious one that could run into thousands of dollars to re-wire the home. The problem needed to be examined by a qualified electrician, but Tusa had faith that HomeServe would deliver.

And HomeServe did, sending out Chris Riggins of CER Electrical Services to examine the outlets and electrical panel – at no cost to Tijuana.

“I recommend HomeServe to all my neighbors and my family, because I know they’re on a tight budget,” Tijuana said. “This is a way to help them save.”

The power outlet wiring problem was quickly remedied, the faulty circuit repaired, and the safety hazard no longer threatened Tijuana and her family.

“A lot of the other home warranty customers don’t take care of their customers the way HomeServe does,” Tusa said. “A lot of the other companies, you get bonuses if you deny everything and you look for reasons not to get it covered. At HomeServe, they take care of their customers.”

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