Free Roundtable: Planning for a Changing Environment

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Customer Engagement, Electrical Grids, Energy Solutions, Infrastructure, Utility of the Future

The one thing we can depend on in the energy industry right now is change – from the proliferation of DERs to concerns about cybersecurity, the industry hasn’t seen such turmoil since its beginnings.

In this changing environment, utilities, regulators and even customers are adjusting to this new future and the role energy utilities will play in navigating a new era of customer engagement and environmental and regulatory challenges.

HomeServe will host a roundtable to discuss these issues, How are Utilities, Regulators and Customers Planning for a Changing Environment? at 2 p.m. EST Sept. 16.

The panelists include Kenneth Black, former board chair of E Source; Bill Flynn, Energy Industry Team leader at Harris Beach Attorneys at Law; and Ed Thomas, executive director at

Black retired as board chair from E Source, where he worked in a variety of positions for nearly 20 years. He has spent more than 35 years in the energy utility industry, specializing in demand-side management, emerging technologies and market research. He has managed utility DSM and marketing departments and has worked to design programs and launch products and services for utilities, as well as auditing facilities. Black has worked closely with energy and facility managers from Fortune 500 companies, drawing on his expertise to guide large commercial, industrial and institutional organizations through energy needs, profiles and technologies.

Flynn has spent 14 years at Harris Beach, where he is the managing partner of the firm’s capital district offices in Albany and Saratoga, N.Y. As leader of the Energy and Telecommunications Industry Teams, Flynn focuses on advising businesses and other organizations on strategic planning initiatives as they relate to economic development, state and federal regulatory affairs, and policy decisions. Flynn is noted for his experience in regulatory policies and legislation related to electricity, gas, water, cable television, and telecommunications services. 

Thomas is the executive director of Utility, which promotes learning and networking among energy and water utilities, government agencies and like-minded organizations. Thomas has helped reposition the Peak Load Management Alliance, founded the Rocky Mountain Utility Exchanged and helped revitalize Edison Electric Institute meeting activities. He also has served as the vice president of the Utility and Government Services for the Electric and Gas Industries Association, on the board of the Electric and Gas Industries Association and as a managing partner at Marketing Development Group, an energy utility consulting firm.

Join us for this free roundtable at 2 p.m. EST Sept. 16.

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