Energy Efficiency Can be Unlocked with Behavioral Science

by | Jul 13, 2020 | Customer Engagement, Energy Efficiency, Energy Solutions, Knowledge Center, White Papers

Utilities put significant investment in energy efficiency programs, but only 40 percent of consumers participate in energy efficiency opportunities that would reduce their bill, even if they are struggling to pay their bills. Despite the sensibility of participating in an EE program, they often don’t resonate with consumers.

There’s a lot of noise for utilities to cut through to get consumers’ attention, and most utilities are not top-of-mind to begin with. Consumers may believe the obstacles to energy efficiency are too many or too difficult to overcome.

What if you could use behavioral science to decipher how and why consumers are making energy decisions? Levering human nature to encourage consumers to participate in EE programs can be more effective and less expensive than incentives or rebates.

With the data you already have on hand and simple tools, you can save terawatts and improve engagement by using proven behavioral science methods to inspire consumers to participate in energy efficiency programs.

“Saving Energy by Working with Human Nature” will give you the tips and real-world examples you need.

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