HomeServe Protects A Colorado Resident from the Elements – and an Empty Wallet

by | May 3, 2022 | Energy Solutions, Financial Shock, Intergenerational Communities, Service Line Responsibilities

On a sunny March day in Aurora, Colorado, Robert Z. noticed that it felt a bit drafty in his home. Upon further investigation, he quickly realized his furnace was not running, and despite his best efforts, it wasn’t kicking back on. Although his furnace was not working, Robert was in luck for two reasons. First, the temperature, which can be unpredictable in Colorado, happened to be rather mild that particular day. Second, Robert is a HomeServe customer, and knew that help was just one call away.

He called HomeServe who promptly connected him with AOK Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, a local repair provider that is a part of HomeServe’s wide network of qualified and reliable contractors. The contractor reached out almost immediately and let him know that thanks to an opening in his schedule, he was headed Robert’s way to assess the issue. After less than six hours from placing the initial call to HomeServe, Robert’s furnace was up and running.

“As usual, it was nice to know that we didn’t have to worry about a thing,” Robert told us. “The day that my furnace broke down was mild, but thanks to Colorado’s unpredictable weather, who knows about the rest of the week? When I call up HomeServe, I know my problem will be resolved in a day or two, rather than being left to wonder like I’ve experienced with other situations in the past.”

As one might be able to gather from the ‘as usual’ remark within Robert’s comment, this wasn’t his first, second, or third rodeo with HomeServe. About five years ago, after retiring, he and his wife purchased their current home. Soon after moving in, they quickly started to experience various issues, ranging from slow drains to stubborn toilets to clogged pipes. A shocking quote from a local plumbing company had Robert, who is retired and on a fixed income, nervous and got him thinking about how he could protect his family from future unpredictable costly repairs.

“I didn’t have the savings for those types of things,” Robert explained. “After just purchasing the home, we weren’t anticipating any issues close to what we experienced.”

Around that time, Robert received a mailing from city of Aurora outlining their partnership with HomeServe that had more information on optional available plans for him to enroll in. It sparked his memory that in speaking with his realtor, also a close friend, about some of the home’s problems, she previously recommended HomeServe. Robert started his HomeServe journey by taking out coverage for his exterior sewer line, followed by his exterior water line, heating system and finally for his in-home plumbing system.

As he put it, “the rest is history.”

Since becoming a customer in 2017, Robert hasn’t looked back. He’s had nine HomeServe repairs completed over the last five years, saving him several thousand dollars. His savings have far surpassed the yearly cost of his plans, which he says serves as a testament to why HomeServe is a great investment for any homeowner.

“I recommend HomeServe to everybody that I care about because clearly, it’s paid off for me,” said Robert. “HomeServe always gets back to me in a timely manner, and I’m so grateful I stumbled upon the policies when I did. As long as I own a home, I will be a HomeServe customer. I will never go without them again.”

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