Electrical Hazard: HomeServe Helps Landlord Keep Tenants Safe from Across the Country

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Energy Solutions, Service Line Responsibilities

Linda O. sprung into action when her tenants called her about an electrical outage in the home.

Linda O. is a property owner, and as a landlord her biggest priority is to ensure her tenants are happy and safe in the place they call home. And even though Linda lives in Arizona, far across the country from her Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania rental property, she takes great pride in staying close with her tenants and property manager.

On one late-July day, Linda got a call from her property manager, who was with her tenants. They were dealing with a confounding problem: the electricity was out in half the home. It was the height of summer, and the weather was hot and dry. They were frantically trying to figure out what was wrong with the electricity so it didn’t get too hot inside for the family, which included two young kids.

Linda knew help was just a call away, because she enrolled the property in one of HomeServe’s interior electric plans through her local utility several years ago.

“When I heard the news from my tenants, it was upsetting, but only because of the situation that they were in; I knew HomeServe was going to get the job done as fast as possible,” said Linda. “Even from across the country, I was confident that you and your contractor would get it handled in a safe and efficient way for both myself and my tenants.”

After giving us a call, we promptly sent out a local and reliable member of our contractor network, Muzzie Electrical. Soon after the technician from the Muzzie team arrived, he told the tenants he was troubled by what he found. At some point in the home’s life, someone put a new electrical box directly over the old one, and it was starting to collapse. Copper wires that weren’t up to code were exposed, and it was a huge fire risk for the family that lived there.

Linda was informed that the whole meter box would have to be replaced, and that the repair couldn’t take place until the local electric company came by to shut off the power. In the meantime, the family living there had to get to work, quickly emptying their fridge to preserve some food along with packing some bags to stay elsewhere until the issue was resolved. While the local electric company took an extra day or so to come by, as soon as the power was shut off, Muzzie got to work and completed the repair quickly and efficiently. Within the few days of the initial power failure, Linda’s tenants were safely back in their home.

“My experience with HomeServe can be summed up as a mental comfort for me. Being so far away, it takes the worry out of how I can protect my property and do right by my tenants,” Linda said, “I know that I can always get a covered issue resolved, and that the work will always be quality. I never have any trouble getting ahold of someone in a timely manner, and the contractors that are sent out are top notch, time and time again.”

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