North Carolina Partnerships

The Tar State is known for its natural beauty and it’s American history dating back to the 1500s, when it was the home to the first colony of English settlers in the New World. But it shares one thing with every other state… aging infrastructure that can lead to unforeseen damages to service lines for residents. That’s why so many communities throughout North Carolina have turned to HomeServe programs to help their residents in their times of need.

Most homeowners don’t realize they are responsible for the water and sewer lines from the street to their meter, and are shocked to find they must pay to repair damage caused by age, tree roots, and other issues. Planning ahead and having a warranty program in place to cover these costs can make all the difference when an unexpected emergency occurs.

In fact, in North Carolina we have:

  • A Partnership with the North Carolina Rural Water Association;
  • 22 Municipal and Water Utility Partners;
  • Over 241,400 Active Water-Related Protection Plans.
  • Saved homeowners in your state over $54.1 million in water-related costs since 2017.

Nationally, we have saved customers over $1.1 billion over the past three years.


Customer Testimonials

  • I discovered a leak at the main water valve in the meter box. The utilities company came out immediately and determined the leak was on my side of the meter, so I called HomeServe, and they quickly arranged for plumbers to come out and fix the leak. Everything was repaired by 6 pm the same day, with no cost to me, other than the insurance premium. The plumbers were top-quality, too, and said they do lots of work for HomeServe. – A. Matheny, Brevard NC

HomeServe Cares Foundation

At HomeServe, caring is in the fabric of our corporate culture. Which is why we are committed to putting people at the heart of everything we do, and that includes our corporate social responsibility. We actively support and care for People, Veterans, the Common Good and Communities, both locally and nationwide with the HomeServe Cares Foundation.

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  • The most well mannered experienced gentleman that knew his trade! Such a pleasure just to meet him. He did a GREAT job and we were so pleased that he cleaned up everything from all dirt and mud that came from the broken water line! I am sure he is a MOST VALUED employee! – D. Combis, Charlotte NC
  • The way the repair technicians approached and handled my problem was with expertise and skill. They were exceptional. They kept at it until they found the location of what was causing the problem, which was, in my opinion a difficult task. They were careful to cause as little damage to walls as necessary. They were personable, skillful in handling my stress and explaining steps of what they were doing. They were awesome. – E. Richards-Ewing, Charlotte NC

Bill Eller

Vice President, Business Development

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